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Endovascular treatment of wide-neck saccular renal artery aneurysm with waffle-cone technique

Tratamento endovascular de aneurisma renal sacular com colo largo com técnica do waffle-cone

Paulo Eduardo Ocke Reis; Guilherme de Palma Abrão; Leonardo Roever

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Abstract: In the past, treatment of visceral artery aneurysms (VAAs) was exclusively surgical. These aneurysms were rarely diagnosed in elective or emergency cases. Development of imaging techniques and endovascular procedures has changed the history of the therapeutic options for this pathology. Endovascular management of VAAs has arisen to advances in endovascular techniques and has achieved high efficacy.


aneurysm, endovascular, endovascular procedure, therapeutic embolization, stent


Resumo: No passado, o tratamento de aneurismas da artéria visceral (VAAs) era exclusivamente cirúrgico e raramente diagnosticado em casos eletivos ou de emergência. O desenvolvimento de técnicas de imagem e procedimentos endovasculares mudou a história das opções terapêuticas dessa patologia. O manejo endovascular de VAAs surgiu devido ao avanço das técnicas endovasculares, o qual apresentou uma alta eficácia.


aneurisma, endovascular, procedimento endovascular, stent


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