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Case report

Anomalous origin of the deep brachial artery (profunda brachii) observed in bilateral arms: case report

Rafael Cisne de Paula; Rafael Erthal; Rodrigo Mota Pacheco Fernandes; Marcio Antônio Babinski; Julio Guilherme Silva; Carlos Alberto Araujo Chagas

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During an ordinary dissection, a cadaver showed a bilateral anomalous origin of the deep brachial artery, where this vessel appeared like a branching of the subscapular artery with common trunk, which included the posterior circumflex humeral artery. The course and distribution of the deep brachial artery in the back compartment were relatively consistent with previous reports. Arterial variations can be damaged through iatrogenic means if not properly documented. The knowledge of this case is very important in clinical medicine and in surgeries in this compartment to prevent any injury.


deep brachial artery, anatomical variation, surgery


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